Pre-Ex Record / APS

Pre – Ex Record Retrieval

To rule out a pre-existing condition Vanmed can obtain all available Medical and Pharmaceutical Records anywhere in Canada.

All information is protected and confidential.

Vanmed Pre-Ex Record Retrieval Service

Flat Rate*

  • Claimant Authorizations retrieved
  • Provincial Health Records
  • Provincial Medication Records
  • Status updates to ensure timely delivery

Attending Physician Statement (APS)

Vanmed offers a Canada Wide Attending Physician Statement (APS) delivery service in a cost efficient and timely manner. We have a proven track record of obtaining APS reports and forwarding them to the Insurance Company as quickly as possible. We continually perform status inquiries with the physician’s office to ensure that requests are handled as quickly as possible.

  • Obtain EE Authorization as needed
  • Request from attending physician Canada wide
  • Search alternate treatment location as needed
  • Perform status updates to ensure timely delivery

* Flat Rate available, contact us for more information.